the best and the brightest

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I’m not one of those people who looks back much. As far as music goes, I think this is probably the most amazing time ever to be a fan and an artist. But I was thinking the other day on how it used to be. These days things don’t really stay obscure in the same way – everyone has access to everything. When I was a kid, you could be a fan of a band sometimes and it felt like you were in your very own secret club. It’s like the world was made up of a thousand different secret clubs. This song is about how it felt to share a favorite band with a friend of yours, and how it could be a bond between you, that no one else understood. At least until you met someone else who was also part of the club.


The best and the brightest
Were our favorite band
They played the songs in the keys that only we could understand
When my mind is hazy
When I’m fading away
I’m listening to the b-side to “Destroy a Holiday”

I’m on your side
Be on my side
Cause I’m on your side
Be on my side

Radio Daydream
Was my favorite song
When my head is empty
When the days get long
We were looking for something
Someone we used to know
And now the ancient circle’s separating slow

I’m on your side
Be on my side
Cause I’m on your side
Be on mine

Freedom will wait
If you dare to escape
So hold on
Hold on
It won’t be long

I’m on your side
Be on my side
Cause I’m on your side
Be on mine


from golden age, track released May 31, 2010
written recorded and performed by brian sendrowitz



all rights reserved


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