teenage anthems

by beat radio

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We've put out a lot of music digitally over the last couple years, sort of casually and on the fly. I love the creative freedom and instant gratification of doing that. At the same time, people never get to make a physical connection to the music, and we've gotten lots of emails from people asking if certain songs are ever going to be released on vinyl or CD.

The song this collection owes its name to, "Teenage Anthem for the Drunken Boat" is very much about living in the digital age - a sort of meditation on what gets lost. These are strange days. Ironically, or perhaps appropriately, we've never had the chance to release the song in any sort of physical medium.

So what to do? Ive had the idea of this compilation in mind for a while. I have some out of town shows coming up and i was starting to get a bit worried about paying for gas and stuff. Seemed like a good time to put this release together. My goal with Beat Radio is to spread the music as far and wide as possible. I'd love if you could lend a bit of support to keep things moving forward.

So, these are Teenage Anthems. As I was compiling the track list i realized that a lot of these recordings are some of my favorite things that we've done. I hope you enjoy them, and pass them along. My best hope for these songs is that we can rescue them from the obscurity of the far out corners of the internet.

Big thanks to Joanna and Maia from Mitten for the amazing remix, and to Tim, Rob, and Charlie from The Diggs for letting me cover their songs. (Tim also puts music out as Andy or Jenny and contributed a great remix of Golden Age.) I wouldn't still be making music without constant inspiration from my friends. You can find them and learn more about their amazing music at the following sites:


Also, thanks to Phil Jimenez for lending his amazing musicianship and production talents to the Sunday Matinee EP, which is included here, and to Paul Rovira and Brian Ver Straten for playing on those tracks. Brian is also a great photographer and took the cover art photo.

Lastly, thanks to my wife Liz for being the best partner in crime i could have ever imagined. Making a creative life for yourself can be a hard road, and this would all be impossible without her. We're a team, 'til the wheels come off.


released August 2, 2011



all rights reserved


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Track Name: beautiful one
In yesterday's electric dream
the streets were paved with amethyst
september, we were falling free
and letting go of bitterness

I always thought you were the most beautiful one
I always thought you were the most beautiful one
I always thought you were the most beautiful one

Ofelia spent a year in Spain
she's fallen for some matador
she loves the way he says her name
she loves the way he looks at her

I always thought you were the most beautiful one
I always thought you were the most beautiful one
I always thought you were the most beautiful one
Track Name: city of thieves
Forgive me if I've let you down
Or if I've done you wrong
Sometimes I miss what matters most
When I'm chasing after songs

Somewhere beyond the printed page
My words lose all their grace
Sometimes I feel so far away
And my fear fights with my faith

In a city of theives we waged our war
Through the ashes of our dreams
When we couldnt believe in ourselves anymore
We divided into teams
But I can see us standing side by side
At the dark end of the street
And there's a feeling that I've been trying to find
But you're my only retreat

If you're lost along
Some distant shore
You should know my faith is strong
And forgive me if I've let you down
Or if I've done you wrong.