singles​/​demos 2014

by beat radio



i wanna write as many songs as i can this year, and share some as i go. some of these songs will end up on the next beat radio LP, tentatively titled Take it Forever.


released January 8, 2014


all rights reserved



beat radio Bellmore

Singer Songwriter Brian Sendrowitz has been crafting heartfelt, literate pop songs as Beat Radio since 2005. Various friends and collaborators have contributed to live shows and recordings. The band’s 5 full length albums have earned critical praise and a loyal and dedicated fan base around the world. Brian lives in Bellmore, NY with his wife and 5 kids.

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Track Name: take it, forever
sometimes it feels like nothing matters
sometimes it feels like everything matters

so we invent a separate self
for all the secrets we’ll never tell

we take our stories from television
we’re haunted by our own ambition
and no one’s looking out for each other
when everything is a competition

everyone is casting spells
building myths around themselves

and all we want is everything
and all we find is suffering

the point of everything i guess
is “don’t give in to bitterness”

because you and i are here right now
and nothing matters anyhow

so take it easy
take it forever
i hope this song
makes you feel better
it’s been a good year
and we’re together
so take it easy
take it forever

i suppose
i should be clear
i am indifferent
to exclusive premieres

on someone’s website
or wherever
it’s in the ether
it’s lost forever

cause everyone
just stays at home
with seven tabs
of google chrome

and we’re nostalgic
for cross bones style
i’ll look for you left of the dial
left of the dial

but i heard your band
on NPR
I hope that means
that you’ll go far

i hope it matters
a little more
maybe it does
but i’m not sure

either way
let’s raise our glass
drink to the future
and to the past

drink for all the songs we missed
when no one payed a publicist

and take it easy
take it forever
i hope this song
makes you feel better

it’s been a good year
and we’re together
so take it easy
take it forever
Track Name: lost in the world
so we never got famous
and we never left home
there were times when i was lonely
i was never alone
and all my friends got tired
everybody moves on
i always seemed to find a reason and i
i kept singing songs
some were borne of imitation
of the people i admired
some were borne of pure ambition
others borne of desire
some were borne of a compulsion
or an irrational fear
that if i didn’t get it all down i would somehow disappear

sometimes it feels like it takes all that you’ve got
just to keep from unraveling
sometimes it feels just like you won the whole goddamned thing

i used to want to make a record
just to know i was alive
it took a while for me to figure out my own way to survive
the only virtue is irreverence
claim your own authority
and never let yourself get bitter
don’t forget that you are free
take a moment to remember you’re alive and you’re awake
take your time to look around you
take your time to make mistakes
there’s something infinite inside you
that no one else can ever know
there is is stillness and a silence
a place where no one else can go

sometimes it feels like you get lost in the world
and you’re tired of wandering
sometimes if feels just like you won the whole goddamned thing
Track Name: losing time
I’ve been losing time again
seasons get away from me
trying to chase away these blues
singing in a minor key

i was such a fatalist
build it up and tear it down
the moon is following the tide
is it the other way around?

you could open up your heart
to people that you’ve never met
a poet for the modern age
famous on the internet

i could teach the world to end
you could paint the front door red
yeah i’ve seen your video
and i’ll love you till i’m dead

I remember all the things you used to say
In the evening just before the light was gone
Now I'm on the outside
And I'm far away
From that feeling I was chasing all along

happiness will come in waves
i just had that dream again
someone shut the whole thing down
now it’s hard to find your friends

what’s the point of all of this?
is there a meaning to this game?
what is it we’re fighting for?
I don’t think I caught your name?

build it up and watch it all come crashing down
when its over start to build it up again
Even if its not the life you dreamed about
everything you did was worth it in the end

celebrate the things you love
this is where you’re meant to be
try and keep an open heart
dream a little dream of me
Track Name: elizabeth
I'm a little hard to read even though I'm easy going
You see me for who I am and you have a way of knowing
And sometimes I still wonder if I'm dreaming
The only thing that I believe in
The only thing that's real and true
Is my love for you, Elizabeth.

And when I was just a kid, I already knew I loved you
But I kept my feelings hid, I was scared of what my heart knew
That maybe we were meant to be together
I've know other girls but never
Felt the way I feel with you
When I'm with you, Elizabeth.

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